Teaching your toddler to count and grouping with hands-on learning

Learning to count objects one-on-one exchange, groping, understanding quantities and matching sets to numbers is very important for early childhood development.   

I am a strong believer in allowing your child to use all five senses during learning activities, math included. 

I start teaching numbers and alphabets at age 3 to my children. Yesterday I was focusing on counting and grouping with my toddler. Counting objects involves other skills, such as motor skills, number recognition, parsing, sorting and more. We turned  this into a fun game where I was a “customer”  and he was a “shopkeeper”.  I came to the store to buy 4 balls. We both counted them together. Then I introduced him to grouping, where I only wanted to buy 2 balls and he had 2 balls.  We then swapped roles a bunch of times. I have to say we had a lot of fun doing that for as long as he was interested.  During the game toddlers acquires new knowledge and skills. Math activities contribute to the develop focus, attention, memory, thinking, and creative ability. These activities boost cognitive abilities in general.  Once I see my toddlers are interested in counting they can’t seem to stop. They count everything they see,  game pieces, forks pens etc. 

For additional fun you can download fun counting music and listen to it while practicing counting and numbers. Singing and counting works especially well when traveling.   Check these out 

We created this Educational Toy with an eye toward making learning fun for both parent and child. Let’s make MATH FUN together! 

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