Why Mamalas

Did you know 90% of child's brain is formed by the age of 5. Research show these early years are the most critical for learning Old school toys are better for toddlers then high tech devices. A report from the American Academy Of Pediatrics says there’s is not much scientific proof that tablet- based toys and games are educational and brain stimulating but Hands-on toys are. Buy our product and see your child develop love for learning


Our Books

Mamalas books are designed with children in mind. They are colorful, visually captivating, soft, safe, and durable to ensure many hours of interrupted play. Because children learn through their senses, they educate themselves about the world through play. The quiet book series is focused on enabling children to use sight touch and listen to learn.


Why Our Product

Our product was created with one mission: to provide a unique and one of a kind product designed to teach children essential learning skills in a fun and engaging way. By using our products children develop a connection with their visual, tactile, auditory and physical senses. These skills serve to strengthen memorization, develop patience, brain processing abilities, and sensory stimulation.

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