Children learning through sensory play, craft touch, and feel

Children learning through sensory play, craft touch, and feel

The fact is that not every child learns new things in the same way. There are children who want to talk and look for answers while others prefer to sit and watch/observe. Of course, there are some children who are proactive and love exploration. Parents have to do their best to understand which approach is best for their kids. (1)

According to many experts, kids learn through their senses. So, by exposing kids to different kinds of textures, you should be able to help them enhance their hand and eye coordination, motor skills, and rational thinking.

The simplest way to help children learn new things is by playing. This is a fun activity that lets kids create a sense of self-worth and self-confidence. Due to the fact that this is a fun activity, children usually don’t perceive this as learning. If the activity is really fun, kids are completely absorbed in the activity and this is how they support their ability to focus and concentrate.

If you want to get the most from this activity, you should check Mamalas’ educational soft books. These books support learning through sensory play, craft touch and feel in more than one way. First and foremost, children that use these books and similar products can directly observe, watch and understand what’s going on. In other words, this is the ideal solution for so-called kinesthetic learners. This group of individuals learns by example. Children find it difficult to understand and learn about something that they have never seen or touched. With these books, this problem is resolved.

Another great reason why you should introduce sensory play to children is that it supports children to do things for themselves. Without any doubt, an approach like this will be helpful in the future because this is the foundation of independent learning in the future. Of course, the Mamalas educational soft books we’ve mentioned before can be used by both kids and parents and they can explore them together, but the truth is that the child has the primary role in the process.

A few scientific studies have shown that sensory play has an ability to improve memory in children. (2) In addition, it helps children release aggression and forget about anxiety. In fact, many experts recommend sensory play, craft touch and feel for children with special needs too because it helps them stay focused and interested in learning new things.

It’s also good to know that this specific form of learning through play can develop fine motor skills. The books we’ve mentioned include different elements made from different materials like cotton, cardboard box etc. Children are encouraged to drop, pack, open, close, wring out and do many other things with these elements. As a result of that, they will develop stronger fine motor skills.

The educational soft books by Mamalas represent a unique combination of hands=on learning and traditional learning. This is an excellent way to provide a basis for understanding and knowledge in young children.


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